Tracking transmitter

taken from the American Institute of Biological Sciences Bioinstrumentation Advisory Council information module M15 prepared by William W. Cochran, 1 December 1967.

The transmitter is a pulsed continuous wave (CW) transmitter weighing 8 to 10 grams including the battery. It is only slightly larger than a man's thumb nail. The ground range is 3/8 to 1/2 mile with a good receiver and antenna system. The transmitter is powered by a small watch battery and is good for several months of continuous operation. Also available is A photocopy of the original 12 page information module M15 with construction and technical specifications $5.00 plus p&h. .  For a slightly modified kit version of this circuit see M15m Tracking Transmitter


X.......Crystal, type FM1. 3rd overtone for 145-160MHz, 5th overtone for 220 MHz

Q...... Transistor, Amperex type A415 (original type specified) NTE 107, MPS6507, 2N3904 or most VHF transistors ......... (the transistor used can make a difference so experiment for the best results)

R2.... 1500 ohm, 1/8 watt

R1.... between 80K and 600K, 1/8 watt. This resistor determines the "beep" rate and is effected ........ by battery voltage and the transistor selected.

C1.... Subminiature 15 mmf capacitor

C2.... Subminiature .001 mf capacitor

C3.... 2mf subminature capacitor

ant... 12 inch

L1.... 12.5 to 13 turns of #36 enameled wire wound on a 1/8 inch form and removed.

L2.... 4.5 turns of #32 enameled wire wound on a 1/8 inch form and removed.

wire... wire used to provide capacity to the animal

B..... Battery, mercury type, 1.5volt

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