VHF2 Tracking Receiver

(designed for use in model rocket recovery but also tunes the top of the FM band and the Aircraft Band)

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The VHF2 is a superregenative receiver developed for tracking small FM transmitters but also tunes the aircraft band and the top portion of the FM broadcast band.  Receives both AM and FM (107mHz to 135 MHz).  You can use this receiver with the "Beeping" FM transmitter" for a complete low cost radio direction finding system.  The receiver is amazingly simple using only one transistor for the receiver section and one IC for the audio section.  The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design makes this an easy and reliable circuit to build.  

The VHF2 works better than most commercial radio receivers for receiving the FM108 transmitter signal.  Several features differentiate it from the typical FM receiver.  they are:

1. It can receive weaker signals ( more sensitive), has no filtering and very wide band reception.
2. It does not have an automatic gain control so, the closer you get to the transmitter or when it is pointed most directly, the louder the signal.
3. The shielding of the receiver and the nature of the regenerative receiver makes it much better at direction finding and makes it possible to achieve good    results with a small antenna.
4. The receiver is very wide band and receives both AM and FM modulation concurrently.
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