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Radio location transmitters for tracking model rockets, high altitude balloons and aircraft

 XFM1 Tracking Transmitter (147.460 FM crystal controlled)  - free plans - kit available  (for the 2 meter ham band)

FM (108 MHz) Tracking Transmitter  Kit(FM108K)... Use with basic everyday FM radio free plans - kit available
(a large and a small version are available. small version shown above)


Amateur Radio stuff

  Sound Card Packet Radio Interface   for just about all digital modes
 Near-Earth Telemetry transmitter project (Morse Code Telemetry) - free plans

Model Rocket stuff

FM (108 MHz) Tracking Transmitter  Kit(FM108K)... Use with basic everyday FM radio free plans - kit available
M15m Tracking Transmitter (147.460 CW crystal controlled) - Free Plans
XFM1 Tracking Transmitter
(147.460 FM crystal controlled)  - free plans - kit available   
VHF Tracking receiver Kit (VHF2K)...  designed to be used with FM108 transmitter free plans
Model Rocket Locators Free Plans
Altimeter for small model rockets - free plans

Tracking Transmitter Kit Selection Guide

Transmitters and Receiver Plans

Animal Tracking Transmitter. Ultra light/small CW transmitter for tracking small animals and other things. FREE schematic
Pulsed Tone FM Tracking Transmitter
. Designed for use with cheap FM pocket radios. Free Plans.
FM Antenna Add range and direction finding to inexpensive pocket radios. FREE plans
The "Good Buddy" Car Bug. A small tracking and audio transmitter for CB radio  FREE Plans    
Single Chip FM Radio.
A FM broadcast band radio designed around a single IC. FREE schematic

Computer Interfaces:

Visual Basic to PIC 12F675 serial interface
Basic Serial Interface (BSI).
connect your computer to just about anything. FREE schematic and plans
Home Security System. Make a home security system using the Basic Serial Interface. FREE application note
Long Distance Control. Use the Basic Serial Interface to control devices via the telephone system. FREE application note
Visual Basic code example for the BSI. Simple Visual Basic program for testing the Basic Serial Interface

Gadgets and Curious Things

.1 Hz to 20MHz frequency generator. Sine, square and triangle wave output. FREE plans
(santa) A Santa & Rudolph stickpin with "blinking" nose. Use this eye catching pin for the holidays FREE plans
Quiz Show Push Buttons.The first one to push the button lights the light..just like on TV. FREE plans
"Loaded" Fishing Lure. For the serious fisherman. FREE plans
Car Buoy.. A great "fundraiser" and/or advertising tool. Free plans and instructions
Aquatic Listening Device.. Underwater listening device. Free plans.

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of interest to model rocket builders...

glowinc.jpg (27176 bytes) Glow in the dark Paint and Powder. GlowInc.com  http://www.glowinc.com

On-line model rocket and experimental rocket news http://www.rocketryonline.com
 a good source for all types of metal, single quantity orders, tubes, bars, etc. http://www.OnlineMetals.com
   model rocket supplies and information. http://www.Apogeerockets.com
GloNation Glow in the dark paint. http://www.GloNation.com supplies hobbyist with very bright and very long glowing, glow  in the dark paint.

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